Guests who access the event may respond to RSVP either by the application, as the web very easily.

By E-Mail

Your guests will receive the invitation with image, information, location and personalized messages, and can confirm their presence with just one click.

By Phone

Call up to 20 guests per minute with personalized voice message and presence confirmation option by entering just one digit.

Multiple Channels

Using all RSVP channels, it will be easier for your guests to confirm presence by increasing the accuracy of responses.

With individual trigger scheduling for each channel, the costs to perform an RSVP are dramatically reduced with Beggest.

App and Hotsite for Events

RSVP Complete Solution

Multiple Channels

Enables multi-channel RSVP response (Apps, Email, and Phone), increasing engagement.

By Phone

Active and automated, it makes over 20 calls per minute, with customizable questioning and no human resources.


Emails and calls can be sent in English, Portuguese or Spanish. According to the preference of the organizer or according to the needs of the guests.

Deadline and Capacity

Automatic control of participant limit and deadline for responses.


Individual scheduling of each RSVP channel, choosing to make event, email and call triggering available at the best time for you.

Real Time Statistics

Real-time presentation of statistics, responses and event engagement. Facilitating the process and analysis of internal marketing.

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